Is there actually any Taylor/Jake fic?
I have yet to find any, which I find surprising. Unless it's just hiding away somewhere, dodging me...

So besides my Taylor/Selena obsession
I'm scouring the internet for Taylor/Kristen Stewart and especially Taylor/Emma Swift. How does no such fic exist? Has anyone seen pictures of Emma and Taylor? They're all over each other!

Taylor Swift has such shipping potential for practically everybody. 

Deeper down the RPF hole I go.
In my unending quest for Disney RPF and/or Taylor Swift RPF, I've started shipping basically everything. It's ridiculous. 

fic help!
There's this one Taylor/Joe fic that's about him calling her up for help writing songs and then it slowly leads to them getting back together? I loved it but I can't find it and don't know what it's called :(


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 Once upon a time RPF freaked the hell out of me. In about a month and a half, I've become hooked. HOOKED. Damn you, Taylor Swift. Why is there so much good fic about her? And yet, not enough?


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